Organizational Restructuring Services

Comprehensive Organizational Assessment

Get a complete look at key aspects of your organizational structure and functionality.  An assessment can bring to light interrelated factors affecting both known and unknown organizational performance deficits.  The independent eye of a seasoned professional can: show the way toward operational efficiencies, uncover serious issues, fix those issues, and open the organization to unforeseen opportunities for growth and success.

Revenue Diversification & Expense Optimization 

Many nonprofits need to increase revenues and/or diversify funding sources, but feel powerless in the face of increasing competition for funding and more stringent reporting requirements for funders.  Take a creative approach to matching your capabilities to what the funding market is buying.

Strategic Combination Partnership/Merger Facilitation

Whether you are combining forces with another entity out of necessity or choice, there are key elements to creating a successful, lasting strategic combination.  Don’t know if you should be considering a merger?  Don can help.

Strategic and Tactical Planning Services

Strategic Plan Development & Implementation

Creating a competent strategic plan is one thing–implementing it is another.  Most strategic initiatives eventually collect dust as little effort is put into translating plans into action.  Whether you need strategic planning, or you already have a plan but don’t quite know how to proceed, your organization can benefit from this unique service approach.

Project & Operational Management Systems Design

Has your operation gotten to the point of needing its efforts better organized?  Is it hard to keep track of multiple projects and initiatives, and manage staff resources to get it all done and on time?  Consider implementing a project management system utilizing one of the many excellent, inexpensive web-based tools available on the market and organize your staff around that system.

Governance Restructuring & Board Productivity

Most organizations’ governing documents contain flaws that either limit their operational effectiveness or downright get in the way of fulfilling the organization’s mission.  Then there’s the issue that boards of directors are left on their own to create effective, meaningful protocols to govern both the organization and the board itself. Is your board not performing as well as it might?  Do you have a way to actually measure that performance?  Succession planning in place?  Not to mention fundraising..the list goes on and on.

Nonprofit Formation

If someone hasn’t talked you out of starting a nonprofit, then you will need someone to help you to keep from pulling your hair out and overcomplicating things.  There are certain “tricks of the trade” when it comes to forming a nonprofit corporation that will make life easier and assure a sustainable organization.  Don’t let your initial governance documents come back to bite you by using just anyone’s template for articles of incorporation and bylaws.  Plus learn from an expert how to optimize your governance structure for efficiency and effectiveness, and more.

Interim Executive Services

Interim Executive Assignment

Don has extensive experience serving as an Interim CEO or other top executive in organizations that are embarking on an executive search.  Don’s approach to interim executive work combines experienced executive administration with an organizational diagnostic assessment so that organizational issues can begin to be addressed during what is often a very challenging time for nonprofits.  Don’t let grass grow under the feet of the organization during a transition–invest in an experienced interim executive resource to take you to your nonprofit’s next phase.

Executive Transition Consultation & Succession Planning

Many executive transitions are mishandled, primarily due to an improperly structured search process, especially if you are not using a reputable search firm experienced in placing nonprofit executives.  Moreover, many executive transitions are unanticipated and throw the organization into a state of trauma.  Having a succession plan in place can help prevent organizational trauma and define your search process before it happens.  Whether you are currently facing an executive vacancy or you simply want to be prepared, Don can help.

Management Training Services

Management Training: Self, Team, System

The premise of this unique management training approach is three-fold: 1.) We must, above all, learn to manage ourselves; 2.) Once we can manage ourselves, we then can move on to learning to manage the team; and 3.) We can then address deficiencies in our operating systems in a new light.  It is imperative to address all three, otherwise neglect in one area will negate any gains addressed in the other areas.  Based on a proprietary blend of behavioral sciences, structural business analysis, and principles from the martial art Aikido, Self, Team, System training gives your organization and its employees a competitive edge by refining how things operate from the ground up.  Self, Team, System has application in human resource management, team optimization, employee performance, and organizational development.

Workplace Culture Change Training

Sometimes, it is necessary to “reset” an organization’s culture to incite a fundamental shift in not only how things are operated, but how employees and managers think and feel about what they are doing.  It is not necessary to change your organization’s mission (although mission revision can be a useful component of proper strategic planning).  Culture change training can profoundly effect how the organization’s mission is interpreted and, consequently, the organization’s vision and how its mission activity is conducted.  This training service is customized to each organization’s unique needs.

Executive & Management Coaching

Sometimes, we need an outside expert to draw on, run things by, help sort things out, and give advice.  Whether it’s an ongoing relationship or a time-limited package, executive coaching is a valuable tool for CEOs and their line managers to make sure they are seeing both the forest and the trees.

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