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Don Fann has been a nonprofit executive and management consultant for over 25 years, and is a 40-year veteran in the health and human services industry.  His prior work in New York City was punctuated by multiple projects serving victims and survivors of the 9/11 and World Trade Center disasters, as well as working as a sustainability consultant with the Red Cross helping nonprofits retool their operations around the disaster.

Don has served as a nonprofit executive for many organizations, both as a tenured administrator as well as an interim executive resource.  His deep experience in nonprofit operations, governance, and financial management provides a firm foundation for helping organizations diagnose, address, and solve their organizational issues.

Don’s early background and experience in psychology and social services is supplemented by 33 years studying and teaching the martial art Aikido.  “I consider martial arts skills among the most valuable in my work as a consultant,” says Don.  He has also created and delivered a unique series of training modules based on behavioral sciences and martial arts entitled Self, Team, System, which has application in human resource management, team optimization, employee performance, and organizational development.

“Don was a pleasure to work with.  His knowledge of nonprofit management and governance were invaluable to helping us develop a realistic Strategic Implementation Plan that will really advance our mission.”–SHANNON NAZWORTH, Executive Director, Ability Housing, Jacksonville, FL

“Serving as an interim executive, Don helped us navigate and solve some very difficult organizational issues.  His calm management style and knowledge of nonprofit operations and finance are unsurpassed.“–TRISHA DUVAL, Past President, New York Junior League, New York, NY

“Don is a unique blend of both practical and visionary.  He led our organization out of virtual collapse and helped build a broad portfolio of services supported by diversified new revenue sources.”–EDWARD W. WEIKERT, Clinical Director, Family Service League, Montclair, NJ

“Don was invaluable as a consulting resource during our successful startup.  His in-depth knowledge of business process helped us make some key decisions on how to structure our operations and secure sustainable funding.”–BYLLEE KAIRY, Executive Director, All About Ability, Inc., Napa, CA

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Download Don’s Resume Here: Resume Don Fann

About Immersion Consulting & Organizational Healing

Immersion Consulting places the consultant within your organization, allowing for integration into organizational culture, formation of relationships with staff members, and a deeper look into organizational functioning.  Immersion Consulting assures a more accurate diagnosis and therefore a highly targeted solution to presenting issues and needs.

Don’s work with nonprofit organizations in crisis led him to develop the Immersion Consulting approach, as well as an orientation of “Organizational Healing” in delivering consulting services.  Download his article here: Organizational Healing: New Hope for Nonprofits in Crisis


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